Here’s what went down last week on the Daily Breakfast Situation

Oh, hey.

Last week on GetSomeJoy’s Daily Breakfast Situation, we honored the superior syrup sister, French toast, with five days of batter-dipped joy.

You’re welcome.

Before that, we praised Madame Crispy Nooks herself, Miss Waffle, with a cornucopia of ideas (one, two, three, four, five) for putting your waffle iron to work.

*Prince squeal*

The riches I found joyhunting on Janet Jackson’s Internet reminded me that:

a) Waffles work whenever you want them to, not just in the daytime, because

b) Breakfast’s only limitations are in your mind.

There are a lifetime of new waffle-based possibilities and calories awaiting me.

Glory callaloo.

Here’s what went down. (And remember, adding berries makes it vegetarian.)

We greeted Monday with a French toast casserole moment.

Yes lawd. (Image credit: Island Vibe Cooking)

A little something to share with Me, Myself, and I.

“If there’s not a French-toast-as-a-snack movement, consider this our launch.”

And then I hit you with the churro French toast, right?

A churro French toast situation (Image credit: Cooking con Claudia)

Because you deserve.

You wouldn’t need syrup, but who are me to judge?

Wednesday, I was like ¡BAM! Strawberry-stuffed French toast.

(Image credit: Smokin’ & Grillin’ wit AB)

Because inner beauty matters, too.

Remember, like great sammiches, it all starts with good, sturdy bread, not a flimsy second-rate diva who can’t sustain once baptized in your egg/milk mix.

Thursday was about Cinnamon roll French toast.

(Image credit: Cooking with Honey)

Yes, please.

The idea of cinnamon roll French toast gets my nipples hard because it’s a treasure within a treasure. Like finding $100 inside a Janet Jackson concert.

Y finalmente: Fried French toast Friday

Image credit: Deep Fried Honey

We ended the week rolling in the deep(er oil). Oh, happy day.

If it being fried makes you feel some kind of way, reduce the sugar, swap honey for syrup, or tell yourself whatever you must to enjoy this sweet, crispy blessing. Be righteous in other ways.

See you tomorrow, when we sample some delicious breakfast situations from around the world. *stretches*

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Alexander Hardy is a grits-powered writer, home cook, dancer, lupus survivor, and co-founder of GetSomeJoy, a creative wellness agency. He supports communities and organizations with joy-flavored wellness trainings, experiences, and campaigns as a wellness program facilitator. Alexander does not believe in snow or Delaware.




Grits-powered writer, home chef, & mental health warrior. Founder: GetSomeJoy + The War on Spiritual Ashiness. +

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Alexander Hardy

Alexander Hardy

Grits-powered writer, home chef, & mental health warrior. Founder: GetSomeJoy + The War on Spiritual Ashiness. +

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